Joseph and Violet

We have been fascinated by the story of the eccentric composer Joseph Hodgson, the man that always carried two hats with him, one for fine weather, and one for rainy weather. The man that asked every single girl in the village to marry him. On these pictures, you can see PeerGrouP-actor Steyn in today’s rehearsal, together with Rachel who lives around here.

As you may have read on our blog earlier, Joe hid his hymn tunes in little tobacco tins, in the dry stone walls. One particular tin was hidden in the rafters of the chapel, and the music in it was named Violet Marguerite. Interesting, as most of his music was named after local fells or fields. She must have been very special to him. We have been searching for the hymn, and for Violet herself. We discovered both Joseph Hodgson and Violet Marguerite never got married…


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